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It's time to forget focusing solely on the things you shouldn't eat, and to reconnect with real food and start concentrating on things that you actually enjoy.

Make a list or just imagine them and then think of the ways in which you most like them being prepared and served.

I know that 'low fat' this, 'no added sugar' that and 'high fibre' something else has become a regular sight on packets in every supermarket, but whoever it was that created this planet got there long before the marketing people came up with those labels.

Practically all lean meats, fish and vegetables are naturally lowish in fat; fruits from trees, bushes and vines are naturally sweet with no need for added sugar, and foods like wholemeal bread give us fibre as nature intended.

We don't need high-tech ingredients and over-designed labelling to tell us this.

For me 'good' nutrition is a lot about going back to a simple, straightforward way of eating and shaking off much of the diet-obsessed confusion which has hijacked our innate understanding of what is good for us to eat.

I provide a comprehensive set of services to help boost your confidence and offer support as you navigate your health and wellness challenges. I work with clients closely in order to achieve measurable results.

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