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Wellbeing at Work, Corporate and School Nutiriton


I have over ten years of hands-on experience in the area of wellbeing in the workplace developing and delivering nutrition led wellbeing programmes and corporate nutrition policies. I have also gained three years experience consulting in the area of nutrition education in schools in conjunction with school caterers.

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All of these activities are tailored to specific employee and employee group needs such as those working:

  • Shifts and split shift patterns

  • In call-centre environments

  • Desk-based clerical and management positions

  • In field and 'on the road'

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"The health and happiness of employees has been profoundly affected over the last three decades primarily by changes in technology and therefore changes to the business and working environment.

Longer working hours, more stress, less time for breaks and the general increased expectations that employers have of their employees brings with it a very real ability for an individual's work to profoundly affect their health, and in turn, for their health to profoundly affect their work.

It is now well understood that that a fit, healthy, happy workforce can help to improve the health and well being of a business, ultimately impacting on its and its employees future development and success."

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Amanda works closely with a wide variety of people within the corporate environment to help set up and deliver programmes including:

  • Occupational health leaders and teams

  • Human resources managers

  • Dedicated corporate Wellbeing teams and Wellbeing champions

  • Executive, development and head chefs, procurement departments and front of house in-house restaurant employees

  • Facilities management and operators

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My Approach

My approach, which runs throughout all my communications with employees resists using the 'righting reflex' to nag employees to eat this, stop eating that and give up something else, since understandably, this more often leads to resistance and alienation.

Instead my seminars, work-shops, one-to-one sessions and podcasts are designed to stimulate behavioural change around food choices through evoking employees own intrinsic motivation to change and increasing their beliefs that they can carry changes through.

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I work in both the independent and stated-funded sectors of education.

My clients and experience is diverse including for example working with organisations such as Halfords and London ZooAvonInvestecBritish Gas and Gatwick Airport. 

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Corporate Nutrition: Testimonials

Phil O'Connor, Head of People Development, Halfords Head Office:

"Amanda, the feedback has been amazing and you certainly have helped so many people with their quest for a better life.

Not only did you do that, everyone thought you were just lovely. Thanks again for being there for the guys - hopefully this can be the start of other opportunities ahead."


By helping to set up and execute research projects in nutrition and wellbeing in the workplace, Amanda has been instrumental in steering her client, catering company CH&Co win the following awards or workplace wellbeing:

Health and Vitality 'Healthy Hospitality' Award 2016

for their collaboration with Birmingham University Department of Psychology research into social norm messaging in restaurant settings.

The Royal Society of Public Health and Wellbeing Awards 2015 

for their Passport to Health project at Gatwick Airport.

The Catey's 2013 Award

for Charlton House's 'Wellbeing' programme.

The Footprint Health and Vitality 2014

award for the CH&Co's Chef's Nutrition Training Course.

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Well-targeted nutrition education in the workplace has been proven to improve productivity by 1 – 2 per cent.

This can achieved in a number of ways including for example:

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved presenteeism

  • Lower company health insurance premiums

  • Improved morale

  • Better motivation

  • Improved company loyalty

We have become used to and now almost expect large corporates to undertake programmes of external social responsibility, supporting for example local, worthwhile causes and engaging with crucial projects to help improve sustainability and the health of our planets oceans, seas, river and land masses.

It takes a forward looking organisation to extend their corporate concerns to taking active, meaningful and measurable steps to promote the health and happiness of their own workforce - and this is especially so when it comes to encouraging improvement their nutritional wellbeing.

While everyone's health is ultimately 'their own business', there are many opportunities to help educate and influence behavior to promote a more nutritious way of eating for the individual within the day-to-day working environment.

This can be achieved both through direct education of employees as well as the very practical and hands-on approach of working closely with and supporting initiatives of a company's catering team.

Working in this area of corporate wellbeing has been fulfilling and immensely rewarding as well as fun and engaging.

When I develop bespoke nutritional programmes tailored to an individual companies needs it gives me a tremendous boost to see people at work feeling as a result, more energised, engaged, happy and able to focus on the task in hand.

Just hearing feedback like 'I'm in a much better mood' or 'I'm way less stressed' or 'my self-esteem has soared' are worth their weight in gold."

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